COVID-19 – How to Make Digital Marketing Work for Your Business Now

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COVID-19 has affected our lives in many ways including the digital marketing strategies we use to successfully promote business.

While many industries have already made commendable come-backs from the impacts of the global public health crisis, there have been longer lasting – potentially permanent – shifts to how we market brands, interact with our customers, and conduct business. Here are some things to consider:  

Connecting with Empathy

Considering the hardship endured by so many businesses, individuals and communities as a result of the pandemic, many brands have responded with empathy, using their business or influence to do good. 

Some clothing manufacturers quickly pivoted to creating and distributing masks to the public, while select distilleries switched their entire operations to producing hand sanitizer in response to a widespread shortage.

On the digital front, many brands took to social media, offering free tutorials or lessons, free trials, or providing engaging and entertaining content to pique the interests of the population in isolation.

This momentum is effectively spreading positivity while helping consumers connect and engage more closely with brands.

So how can your business practically embrace some of the new norms in a digital world?

Doing Good

Consider partnering with a local charitable organization that you can offer your products and or services to in some capacity. Goodwill like this not only helps those in need but provides a great opportunity to showcase your organization in a positive light while still promoting the business brand in the background. If the organization you team up with has a social media team (which larger ones often do), this also provides a great opportunity for cross promotion and exposure.

Maximize the ZOOM Trend

Practically everyone is using ZOOM these days for business or personal use. Use this to your businesses’ advantage by connecting with customers virtually vs. in person for sales meetings or even quotes. Potential clients love the safety and convenience of this option to interact, but you need to let them know it exists and then make it easy for them to participate.

Incorporate Tools on Your Website

Give customers an easy online experience with tools on your company site. This could be virtual quotes made possible by an online form, a chat option for questions, or even a new company video that explains your business. Get creative, what is it that your company used to do in person that you may be able to translate into an online experience?

Step Up Your Social Media Game

Speak to your customers where they are. Consider posting regular updates to your Facebook page for example, answering questions directly on the Messenger platform, etc. In a nutshell be accessible virtually on whichever platforms your business utilizes.

Digital Marketing

Get on board with some basic digital marketing promotion to drive awareness to your business. This could be Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn Ads, you get the picture.

Final Thoughts

While the world was thrown into a COVID-19 whirlwind, there is no denying that digital marketing has played a critical role in helping businesses innovate to endure the impacts of the crisis.

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