Google Algorithm Update 2020: COVID-19 Impact

There will inevitably be more ‘updates’

Source: Dileep Thekkethil, StanVentures April 23rd, 2020

A core Google update can hit like a force of nature. It can rip through the internet like a wildfire or an earthquake, leaving a trail of damage in its wake. While Google does issue warnings, it’s hard to predict exactly how a specific update will play out once it’s released. Sometimes businesses don’t know what hit them even as the ground beneath their feet is shaking.

What is the latest Google Algorithm Update, is a question that SEOs search the most nowadays. The major reason for “Google Algorithm Update” becoming such a trending keyword is due to the uncertainty caused after the roll out of each update. Google rolls out hundreds of core algorithm updates each year and the search engine giant announces a few that have far-reaching impact on the SERP.

Each time Google updates its algorithm, it’s moving a step forward in making the search experience easy and more relevant to the users. However, as SEO professionals, we get entangled with questions from clients on why the update caused fluctuation in rankings. 

Unusual SERP Changes During Unusual Times (March – April)

The weeks following the spread of COVID-19 have been quite tumultuous with almost all Google Algorithm Update checkers displaying spike in algorithm activity. We are not sure whether this is due to the change in global trends after the global pandemic or because of some incremental updates that Google has rolled out.

With many local businesses now temporarily closed, the local search results are witnessing many changes. The Google Map Pack is currently subjected to high-volatility due to the COVID-19 circumstances.

However, we believe that this is a passing phase, and things will normalize once the threat of COVID-19 is over. We are all looking up to that day and hope you and your family are safe during these difficult times.

Google has made several steps to ensure that no fake news goes out to the public through their SERP, and this has resulted in many Health and Wellness websites seeing massive fluctuations. If you check the SERP page for COVID-19, it’s evident that Google doesn’t want to take a chance by listing sites other than the high authority ones.

Since Google has not come up with any announcements regarding core update, these changes have to be deciphered as the result of the change in search behavior of the users.

Going by the algorithm trackers, there is a high fluctuation on almost every day. What we are now going through is unforeseen circumstances, and the same is happening in the search landscape.

Such a scenario has never occurred in the internet era, and the current changes and fluctuations have to be put into in-depth analysis before we can conclude on the factors that are making such violent SERP changes.

If you are seeing massive traffic drop or keyword positions decreasing, I suggest you not make a series of changes at this point in time. Keep doing the great work and wait until the good times are back.

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